AIN SOPH – Ars Regia LP
Limited second edition on gold vinyl + booklet.
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TT22. Death of Abel – A Cruel Streak LP
Vinyl version of the 2012 cassette plus previously unreleased tracks.
Superb dark-folk by the frontman of Die Selektion. For fans of Death in June, Novy Svet, King Dude, Cult of Youth.
In collaboration with Berlin-based label aufnahme + wiedergabe.





TT20. Ain Soph – Ars Regia LP
Second edition on coloured vinyl will be out next October.
Including 52 pages booklet featuring writings by AS founder members.






TT23. Foresta di Ferro – Bury Me Standing LP

For the first time on vinyl the debut album of 2003.
With Marco Deplano (Wertham, Caligula 031), Richard Leviathan (Ostara, Strenght Through Joy)
John Murphy
(SPK, Current 93, Death in June).
An essential work in the european industrial-neofolk scene!